How to keep your business and yourself on top of social media?

  1. In this world of internet, in the rush of industry and business, each one wants to keep brand and name above all else. For that we are going to present some points in front of you.
  2. Remind people who you are, how you got started.
  3. Share personal story.
  4. Tell them about your products or service.
  5.  Share a quote.
  6. Post How to or Tutorials.
  7. Ask a question.
  8. Host a poll.
  9. Ask for recommendation (Book, TV, Apps, Music, Something related to your biz)
  10. Host a Giveway.
  11. Remind people to buy a your products or services 
  12. Share your quick tips.
  13. GO live (live video perform amazingly well)
  14. Share a blog post you wrote.
  15. Give your audience 
  16. Share any press or features you have.
  17. Post a case study 
  18. Answer FAQ’s
  19. Host an interview with a guest
  20. Post something seasonal or highlight a holiday.
  21. Post Motivational Monday
  22. Share YouTube video You love.
  23.  Post fill in the blank.
  24.  Share a tweet You Like.
  25. Share your contact info.
  26. Post about A trip you have taken.
  27. shoutout or mention your clients
  28. Share a success story.
  29. Ask your audience how they found you.
  30. Share your morning routine.

A version of this post was first published on Red website Design blog


1.Mark Walker-Ford

2.Ananta B. Khare

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