Join the Frontend Masters Web Development Bootcamp

Get access to everything you need to get started developing websites. Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript through project-based learning.

What is the Bootcamp, and how does it work?

The Frontend Masters Bootcamp is a complete crash course, and everything you need to get up and running with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. By completing the coursework contained in the Bootcamp, along with practice, you will be well on your way into the world of web development!

Why Frontend Masters?

All of our courses are taught by industry leading experts, people actively shaping the craft of web development. In addition, our courses are regularly updated to keep pace with the latest evolutions to ensure you’re learning industry best practices and the latest techniques.

Bootcamp Curriculum

Introduction to HTML

Introduction to CSS

HTML Forms

Website Embeds & GitHub Pages

Calculator Project: HTML & CSS

Introduction to JavaScript

Calculator Project: JavaScript

Using JavaScript in Websites

Build a Game Project: Feed-A-Mole

1 hours, 47 minutes

4 hours, 11 minutes

2 hours, 4 minutes

0 hours, 54 minutes

0 hours, 48 minutes

5 hours, 23 minutes

1 hours, 13 minutes

3 hours, 2 minutes

2 hours, 14 minutes

Total Hours to Learn HTML, CSS & JS
21 hours, 6 minutes